Monday, 19 April 2010



Punjabi Sahit Sabha Glasgow was established in 1992, under the auspices of Dr Surjit Pattar for the development and enrichment of Punjabi Literature, language, art and culture. It provides opportunities to the Punjabi living in Scotland in general and Glasgow in particular to learn about the richness of their literary and cultural heritage. Its aim to promote Punjabi language in Scottish schools and especially in Punjabi youth. PSSG always make efforts to arrange meetings of eminent writers from India, Pakistan and rest of the world to learn about the current developments and trends in Punjabi literature.

PSSG also dedicates itself to strive for the preservation and promotion of the authentic nature of the Punjabi culture and provide help and advice in this area. One of its aim to make available Punjabi books, audio, video and other teaching material to Scottish Schools and other agencies and institutes, which are interested to learn about Punjabi language and culture. PSSG also stands to promote friendship and goodwill between the people of different cultural background.

Structure: Punjabi Sahit Sabha has a well-organized structure to achieve its aims and objectives. Any person believes in the aim and objectives of the PSSG can become a member by paying annual membership fee (£5 ). The following office bearers shall be elected at the annual general meeting of the organisation: Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Finance Secretary.

Activities of PSSG: The literary functions was organised every year in Glasgow. A Punjabi poetical session was also held on these functions. In 1997 Punjabi Sahit Sabha also organised Punjabi Exhibition at Michael Library. PSSG invites famous Punjabi poets and writers to their annual functions and also provide opportunities to new writers to present their poems and writings. So for PSSG has had invited Surjit Pattar, Inderjit Hasan Puri, Udham Singh Mauji, Jandu Litran Wala, Sathi Ludhianavi, Gurdial Singh Sofi, Baba Nazmi, Sukhwinder Amrit, Dedar Singh Pardesi, Azeem Shekhar (London), Rajinder Jeet, Sucha Singh Bajwa (Germany), Nirmal Singh Kandhalvi…….